Avoid the monthly charges of maintaining a credit card merchant account.* Why worry with a leased credit card machine when you can use Paypal. Accept payments for invoices directly at your web site. Safe, secure, and easy to use. Simply set up a Paypal account and we take care of the rest.

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*Paypal fees vary per transaction. No monthly fees are charged for basic business account. Visit www.paypal.com for current fees.

  • Basic One Page Website
  • Basic Graphic Design
  • Basic Contact Form
  • Live in 3-5 days
  • 4 Page Basic HTML website
  • Logo Design (if needed)
  • Basic Contact Form
  • Live in 7-14 days


Price per page**
clip art, non-custom graphics, and 1 non-custom animation per page
starts at $899
Package choices include setup only, or setup and full maintenance by JMB
Custom art, graphics, flash animations, JAVA, JavaScript
starts at $30/hr
logos, slide shows, scrolling marquees, etc.
(site re-design & e-commerce maintenance not included)
starts at $30
basic, limited updates that are done once a month
starts at $69/month
updates that are done once a week or daily, up to 3 NEW web pages
Less than Monthly
updates that are done every few months

*Hosting & Domain name registration not included.  Design costs include working html pages but not programming. Websites requiring databases, special interactions, and e-commerce will require specialized programming. These features are not included in the design prices.

***ecommerce, database driven sites, and custom maintenance prices may vary. 

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Just as a brick and mortar business needs regular cleaning, web sites need regular maintenance too. Every site has different needs. Some need daily, weekly, or monthly updates. Others may only need updates every few months.

JMB Designs, LLC will learn about your maintenance needs during your FREE phone consultation.

Monthly maintenance starts at $30 a month.

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